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finger nails darker on top Hello, my name is Ali Painter. My Grandma Ruth Stanton is 94 years old and has volunteered in her community and for this nation all her life. Throughout our generations my family has served America through volunteerism and living purposeful lives. To honor her lifetime dedication and service I am offering a $500.00 grant to the person, family, or organization who most reflects Grandma Ruth’s dedication and life long service. 

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development of corporate governance structures in mauritius Meet Grandma Ruth Stanton

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card Grandma Ruth has always been a dedicated volunteer who wasn’t afraid of hard work. She is a faithful and kind team player who helped anyone in need and has always put others’ needs above herself. During her life she has volunteered and supported agencies like Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill, and the Red Cross. She has also supported homeless shelters, worked as a drug and alcohol counselor, and donated to various organizations feeding the hungry. She has ministered to the sick at the hospitals and has given financially to those in need.. She has taken in troubled teens and families that needed temporary housing and raised three foster children. For over 80 years she has supported various missionaries through financial support, making quilts, and sending educational supplies. She never misses church and is a prayer warrior for those having problems. My Grandmother taught us all to live purposeful lives and hopefully her example will inspire others to live an accomplished goal driven life so generations will continue to help America stay strong.

How did the Ruth Stanton $500.00 Community Grant Start?


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Last Christmas we were doing some last minute shopping in Oroville, California where my Grandparents live. We saw an advertisement asking for food donations and we went inside the store to find out more. There we met an amazing volunteer who inspired us. We stopped our Christmas shopping and went coupon shopping instead (see photo). We told Grandma Ruth of this woman’s compassion toward the less fortunate and commitment to volunteerism. The idea of the Ruth Stanton Community Grant was born.

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tabel kata serapan Later we received a thank-you card with a $20.00 gift certificate for candy. I asked my Grandma to meet this amazing woman and to see if she fit the ideals that Grandma Ruth believes in and if she should be our winner. Both Grandmas were in agreement when they met this kind and generous lady. She is indeed deserving of this honor and will be presented the Ruth Stanton Community Grant of $500.00 on March 9, 2008.

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beach tubes italy The 2009 Ruth Stanton Community Grant Winner

We are proud to announce the 2009 winner of the Ruth Stanton Community Grant, tabel kata serapan serapan

tabel kata serapan Chantelle Bateman of Taylors, South Carolina.

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multip Chantelle Bateman has always had a heart for volunteering. As a little girl the greatest influences in her life were various missionaries that dedicated their lives to helping others in need. Chantelle also learned by the example of her Mother, Step Father, and Grandparents to put others above herself. Without prompting she would give her hard earned allowance to the church and volunteer her time and efforts to those less fortunate. After the 9/11 attack on our nation, Chantelle and her parents made the decision to go and see the Pentagon and pay their respects to the victims. This incredibly humbling experience inspired Chantelle to take up a collection for the victims of 9/11 by going door to door collecting money and food which she donated to the American Red Cross.

Chantelle has served on six mission trips, volunteered 4 years with Habit For Humanity, served as Key Club president for 2 years, has been a Big Sister for 2 years in the Big Brother/Big Sister Organization, has collected toys for Toys-For-Tots & Sub-For-Santa for 6 years, served in Praise Band and Choir during High School, taught skills and coached young children to play basketball and soccer for 6 years, organized food, coat, and blanket drives to help people in need, among other numerous volunteer services. Chantelle has been honored by several organizations for her Volunteer Service and Fund Raising abilities.

Currently she is a leader for college volunteer projects, continues volunteering with Relay-For-Life as she has done for 4 years, volunteers at a Non-Profit Christian Organization for the Mentally Retarded and Handicapped, visits the elderly in Rest Homes, volunteers as a mentor for young girls in the Juvenile Detention Center, serves in the Institute Choir, and continues to be a mentor for several underprivileged children.

Chantelle is planning to serve on a mission trip to Thailand this May where she will be volunteering in 2 refugee camps, as well as visiting an HIV/AIDS Hospice. She plans to use the $500.00 from Ruth Stanton to help pay for this. Chantelle has won various awards for volunteering including the bronze, silver, Gold, and Lifetime Presidential awards, as she has over 4,000 hours of volunteer service. Thank You Chantelle for being a wonderful example and volunteer; and the 2009 winner of the Ruth Stanton Community Grant.

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